Frequently asked questions

How to use in Diaper Pail?

Spray full strength into soiled diaper. Spray walls of the container before re-placing plastic bag and spray as needed between changes.

How to use on Hardwood, Laminate, Lineoleium or Tile Floors?

Add 2 ounces OBAN to 2 gallons of mop water. Oban is especially effective around the toilet basin.

How to use in the Laundry?

Add 2 ounces of OBAN to the rinse cycle, for best results. Or you may add 3 ounces to your regular wash.

How to use in the Litter Box?

Empty the litter box, spray inside with full strength OBAN, let dry for 20 minutes and add clean litter. Spray over top as needed and inbetween changes.

How to use in the Basement?

Renew your musty basement with a 50/50 mix of OBAN & water, lightly spray walls and floor, repeat as necessary.

How to use for Medical Waste?

Use Full Strength OBAN for medical waste and bandages.

For use in Ostomy Appliances?

Saturate a cotton ball with OBAN and drop into the pouch. Alternatively, 2 to 3 sprays directly into pouch will deal with odors. Before releasing the cap, aim and spray OBAN toward the ceiling and release the cap. Spray appliance thoroughly inside and out before throwing away. Also see our humidifier instructions for permeated odors.

How to use while Painting?

Add 2 ounces of OBAN to one gallon of water based paint (latex). Add 4 ounces to one fallon of oil based paint for reduced odors.

How to use for your Pets?

For accidents, mix OBAN 50/50 with water. Pour directly on carpet or upholstery over urinated/sprayed areas. Let OBAN set for 2-3 minutes. Soak up excess with wet/dry vac or dry cloth/paper towel and let air dry. Should a second application be needed, pour the mixture around the previously treated area, treating a larger surface area. Cat urine and marking will require a larger stronger mixture and at least 2 applications, possibly 3.

How to use for smelly Shoes?

If the sneakers are washable, add 2 ounces of OBAN to wash and rince cycle for best results. If they are not washable, spray inside them thoroughly and let air dry. Repeat if necessary.

How to use with Sporting Equipment and Clothing?

Your home is not the locker room! Spray thoroughly full-strength, inside and out and let dry. Repeat if necessary.

How to deal with Skunks.

If your pet has been sprayed, thoroughly wet your pets coat with OBAN at full strength. Avoid getting into the eyes and massage into the skin thoroughly and repeat as needed. If a skunk has sprayed your property or vehicle, thoroughlt soak the affected area with OBAN at full strength taking care to soak the areas around the affected area. Let stand for 10 minutes and rince. Repeat as needed, treating a larger area to ensure full coverage.

How to deal with Smoking Odors.

Use a 50/50 mixture of OBAN with water and spray into air, on drapes, carpets and furniture. You can also spray OBAN into filters or forced air vents / systems. Repeat as needed.

How to eliminate odors around the home

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